Famen Gıda
famen gida


Özlider Group of Companies, which started its commercial life in 1975, has become a strong and reliable actor of the region in the food wholesale and marketing sector in a short time. Our company, which rapidly expanded its commercial activities in a short time, presented FAMİLİ Market which is the biggest wholesale / retail market of the region in 2005 to its customers. Honesty and diligence is the principle of our company has continued to grow without slowing down and health, cosmetics, agriculture and production has continued to invest in the fields. 


Within the framework of these investments, Viva, Cici and Meyvem, the brand of the years, included all of their rights in 2012. Our company accelerated its investments in production with this purchase and launched the first energy drink, VİVA ENERGY DRINK, in 2017. In 2018, the company expanded its market share by introducing BİGBANG ENERGY DRINK. Famen Gıda, which exports to Europe, Africa and Arabian peninsula, continues to be the leading fruit juice and energy drink producer of the region. The main aim of Famen Gıda is to introduce quality products of our country and nation to the world. Famen Gıda currently exports to more than 40 countries.



To be one of the leading companies in the sector with our competitive, innovative and technology-oriented corporate structure, which contributes to the profitability of our customers, meets the expectations with the understanding of stable quality and creates value.


Providing services to our domestic and international business partners at international standards; to be a global company in the sector, offering first quality with competitive price to our customers, adapting rapidly to technological developments, keeping consumer and employee satisfaction at the highest level with superior service quality and understanding. 


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